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The dreaded sequel to the Horror Comic For Kids...Who DARE To Read It!, shortlisted for the Young People's Award at the British Comic Awards in 2014.

Massive 24pp full-colour tabloid newspaper comic (289mm x 380mm) printed on 55gsm newsprint stock (courtesy of The Newspaper Club). Printed in the UK and part of a first edition of 200 copies.

Featuring 15 ghoulish strips from:

Robert Ball
Becky Barnicoat
Kelly Bastow
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Jonathan Edwards
Ana Galvan
Simon Gane & Rob Davis
Paul Harrison-Davies
James Howard
Isaac Lenkiewicz
Jess Smart Smiley
Briony May Smith
Jack Teagle
Donya Todd
Andrew Waugh

Edited by Paul Harrison-Davies & Andrew Waugh

"Really good, and genuinely creepy, comics for kids" -- Graham Linehan

"It’s damn good... As before, there’s a mix of styles and moods, some of these are silly, some out and out chillers. It’s a good mix. All in all, Die! Boo! Die! is an excellent new comic, a worthy successor to the success of Boo!...a great anthology for kids of all ages." -- Forbidden Planet Blog

"Everybody in this is really really good. And the stories are a lot of fun. You could see how you could read this with a kid, but it does that thing that we all kind of hark back to from our childhoods that isn't that visible in a lot of kid-orientated stuff out now, of being kind of gory and a bit gross - there's a Roald Dahl-seque nastiness to some of the stories in this. It's just great... Some of the stories are properly creepy." -- We Have Issues podcast

"Die! Boo! Die! is...presented in a gorgeously tactile fold-out newspaper format, allowing the creators an added layer of storytelling potential in terms of how they utilise that larger canvas. ...there’s no doubt that Paul Harrison-Davies and Andrew Waugh have curated a gleefully sinister collection of shorts in these pages which will undoubtedly have a mischievous appeal to the younger reader." -- Broken Frontier

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