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The Horror Comic For Kids. Shortlisted for the Young People's Award at the British Comic Awards in 2014.

32pp A5 full-colour comic book printed on 130gsm uncoated paper stock (with a 160gsm cover). Printed in the UK and part of a limited edition of 250 copies.

Featuring 7 gruesome tales by:

Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Jonathan Edwards
Paul Harrison-Davies
James Howard
Gary Northfield
Jamie Smart
Andrew Waugh

Edited by Paul Harrison-Davies & Andrew Waugh

"Really good, and genuinely creepy, comics for kids" -- Graham Linehan

"Imagine V/H/S, but animated and for children? That is what BOO! could be. ...some of these stories may be too much for five year olds, but I bet 7-12 would love it. If you read my piece on kid horror, you know that I really think we need more things like this, and BOO! may be perfect." -- Blumhouse.com

"This collection of seven top-notch Brit artists creating a proper horror comic for kids, one that doesn’t pull its punches at all, one intended to send a really big shiver up the spine of the younger readers, is something well worth waiting for... Boo! is a small, yet rather perfectly formed horror comic for kids (although there’s a lot in there for us grown ups as well). In many ways, not least quality, production values and some shared artists, it has something of the same comic DNA as the Phoenix Comic... I was expecting something fun, certainly something very well crafted, you only need look at the list of seven very, very good artists involved to realise that. But what I wasn’t expecting was just how darkly creepy some of these pieces managed to be... Children and adults alike should get so much out of Boo!" -- The Forbidden Planet Blog

Boo!...provides today’s kids with gruesome laughs amidst a thoroughly anarchic vision of the world. A world in which bogeymen prowl the dark corners of society, or even work their way into positions of power, and nobody will be entirely safe from them. Hey – if you’re going to scare kids, you may as well be honest with them." -- Shadowgum

"I want my Mummy! All seven of these reprehensible, irresponsible creators should be ashamed of themselves. They have deliberately conspired to create a horror comic for kids which will scare the living hell out of them, giving them nightmares for years to come. This amounts to nothing short of the cold-blooded, premeditated mind-murder of minors. Kids don't want to be traumatised! They don't sit up late at night during sleepovers or round a camp fire telling each other gruesome ghost stories or that one about the stalled car and the escapee from the high-security lunatic asylum. (Forty years on, and I am still shaking in fright.) They don't giggle with glee on scary rides or creep up on each other and go "Boo!"... I am forty-eight years old, and utterly traumatised." -- Page 45

"Anthology of the Year... This spooky collection for kids is a real breath of fresh air, and a wonderful example of how you can do genuine horror while maintaining that all ages appeal... Expertly edited by Harrison-Davies and Waugh, this is a must read for all ages." -- Comic Book Grrrl

"Boo!... is another anthology comic packed with British talent. I read it when it was first released - despite being (ostensibly) a 'horror comic for children', it is a lot of fun for readers of all ages."
-- Pornokitch

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